Sell photos on this app and earn three to five hundred dollars If you are a photographer or have a passion for taking photos, you can also earn money from your photos.

And one photo can give you 100 dollars in revenue. A picture can be sold repeatedly. You will upload the image in Foap marketplace, after getting approval, whoever buys that image, half of the money will be yours and half will be charged by Foap. This app is available on both Android and iPhone. On this app, the price of a photo is at least ten dollars, that is, you can earn five dollars from each photo, but you can sell this one photo tens of times, there is no obstacle.

However, this company uses PayPal for payout, so you must have a PayPal account. If you want me to tweet research based on creating a PayPal account in Pakistan, then write PayPal in the comments. Big companies and brands buy pictures on this app, so they pay a handsome amount.

This app is also a partner of Getty images, so you get a wide audience to whom you can sell photos. By generating with the help of i you can sell

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