In a move that bears great advantages for smart watches running the Wear OS operating system, and records a precedent for the “Meta” company, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company, announced the launch of a version of its “WhatsApp” application without the need to be linked to the phone.

This version will be trial for several months before it is permanently released, according to the Techcrunch website, which specializes in technology news and information technology, and it will be experimental for several months before it is permanently launched, and the advantages it offers:
The watch wearer can conduct conversations, respond to text and voice messages, use emojis, and receive calls for the app. The application will provide quick replies to messages, without the smartphone being close to the watch.

Meta” precedes “Apple”
Technology and information expert, Islam Ghanem, considers the new version an expected step from the “Meta” company run by Mark Zuckerberg. This is due to Zuckerberg’s desire to compete with the “Apple” smart watches that work with the “WatchOS” system, to make people go to buy watches for the “Wear OS 3” system. But for Zuckerberg to succeed in this step, he must provide users with many advantages that make them independent of the

Apple” smart watches

“Apple” smart watches, and attract them to the new version. In this regard, he considered that the aforementioned advantages provided by the “Meta” watches, which operate on the “Wear OS 3” system, such as making conversations, responding to messages, etc., will make it “possible for many to buy these watches.”

By Afzal Bhatti

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